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Upgrade Your QNAP TS-469L (Pro) NAS and Check Energy Consumption

How much memory can I install in my QNAP TS-469? No, it's not limited to just 3 GB! What is DOM or Flash Memory? What's inside my QNAP NAS? How reliable does MemTest86 show all possible problems? How much memory and what kind of RAM can be installed on the Lenovo Yoga 500 and Lenovo B590? Answers in this article. Read more

Spare Wheel Mount for Boat Trailer and What Tires are Good?

Opinion on the GT RADIAL KargoMax compared to Chinese trailer tires. About a robust boat trailer spare wheel bracket. Read more
Install spare wheel holder for a boat trailer

PWA: Service Worker Secrets, Tricks, Debugging

You will find answers to questions about problems with the service worker that you have been asking for a long time, but could not find answers anywhere on the Internet. Read more
PWA Service Worker How To

How PWA Behaves in Different Browsers on iOS, Android, Windows in 2022?

In this customer-oriented post, you will learn the difference in the process of installing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on Android, iPhone, and Windows and how to give your customers good instructions. Read more
Progressive Web Apps - how they behave on different platforms

How to Automate Icons Production for Your App With Inkscape

This is a personal note on how to efficiently automate icon creation with Inkscape, but you may find some helpful tips for yourself here. Read more

The Complete Guide to Favicons and App Icons 2022

Let's see what favicons and app icons are essential in 2022. Is it possible to use only SVG? How about icons with transparent background? Read more
Favicons Apps Icons 2020 Full Guide How To

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Explained Simply

What is a PWA (Progressive Web App)? Let's try to explain it simply. You will learn the basic concept through an example of converting a web page to PWA and a simple explanation of the service worker and manifest. Read more

HTML5 Video: How Resizing and Scaling Affects Quality

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Have you wondered how the converted HTML5 video will look in browsers and whether compression or rescaling will affect the quality? Here you will find the answer. Read more

HTML5 Video: Ultimate Integration Guide With Comparison of Results

Posted (Last update )
Have you ever wondered how various HTML5 video options (video tag options) will affect how the video is rendered in browsers? Here you will find the answer. You will also finally know if there is a correct answer to the question of which video format gives the best results in terms of size and performance. Read more

Facebook Cover Photo – How to Make One That Sells

Your Facebook cover photo is the large image at the top of your Facebook Page. This is the first thing your visitors see and depending on what they see, they will either decide to look further or not. A good Facebook Page cover photo should work well on both desktop and smartphones. Check how effective your cover photo is. Read more
Facebook Cover Photo - How To

Why Do Some Electronics Work in Cold Weather and Others Don’t?

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My customers often ask me: “What would happen if I used device in very cold conditions?”. Let me explain why some devices can be used in a cold environment and some cannot. Read more
Frozen phone

iSocket Systems Wins to Create a New Market of Cellular Connected Homes

I am delighted to inform you that iSocket Systems has been declared the Q3 Winner of the Thread Group’s competition for our Cellular Connected Home with Thread technology. Read more
iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android